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Parental Discretion

[Big Punisher] Aiyyo I’m hard to talk to, if you live I probably thought you stalked you
where you walked to at night, caught you then tried to extort you
New York niggaz is trigger happy, got Pataki scared
This town ain’t big enough for both of us AND I AIN’T GOIN NOWHERE
There it is, plain and simple like Jigga my game is mental
While slow niggaz better know I blow their brains out they temples
I’m into black magical torture romantic dramatical author
Compatible with the average New Yorker
A fast talker, like Tony when he gassed Sosa the the masked enforcer
out for the cash and the chocha
Smash the coca, bottle it up watch the fiends gobble it up
If I roll up, you do what? Swallow the stuff
I don’t give a fuck anymore, I’m only twenty-four years old
and I’ve already broken every law
I’m horrorcore, this is for the heads
Runnin up in your crib, knot if you still hot in under the bed

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

Yo, parental discretion advised, please cover your eyes
Little kids — GET OUT OF HERE!!! This shit is homicide!
Drugs and money, this ain’t no Bugs Bunny!
Little girls too; this ain’t for you it’s for the thugs honey!

[Big Punisher] Hey yo my shit’s the truth, 150 proof no question
Parental discretion advised, keep out the eyes of the youth
It’s too explicit, bullshit! I challenge the statistics
Violence existed before our music was even suggested
Arrested on sight, it’s like there’s no rights
That’s why I rhyme so aggressive and bring every message to life
I fight the power, spike the powder to 90 percent
Keep 10 and feed Twin half for personal reasons
The seasons change.. things re-arrange, but I stay the same
Play the game, for the wealth, until I’ve made myself a name
So blame it all on the gangster rapper, thanks to Joey Crack
for the chance to do it my way like Frank Sinatra
I ain’t a actor so it’s all facts, strictly raw rap
Totally intended for yours dressed in all black
with the ski mask, or the pantyhose makin cameos
in liquor store cameras with the twin Calico’s

Chorus 2X

[Big Punisher] So forget the boom, one look, you shook — you know I’m stickin you
Liftin you off the ground, look down — that’s where I’m puttin you
Look in my eyes and remember me, how does it feel mentally
havin the enemy be the last thing you ever see?
The recipe is death and I’m the chef, fricaseein your flesh
Be my guest, but I ain’t cleanin the mess
Me and TS we testin niggaz faith, just to see they face
expression when destined to states, that death be in the case
I’m in the state of grace, in the hated race, by the pagan face
Couldn’t fight us, made a virus, gave us AIDS
I paint the wake cause they ain’t get me yet, wet me
or reflect me yet, I know they comin they just tryin to let me sweat
I wreck it like when I was just a boy, eatin Chips Ahoy
Wasn’t allowed to raise my voice, now I’m makin noise
No more toys, strictly Mac’s and missiles, shorties with forties
packin pistols catchin bodies make sure official
So they say, I pray there’s a better way
My kids don’t do as I do, they do as I say, cause daddy don’t play

Chorus 2X

[Busta Rhymes] Word is bond
One thing about MC’s is that we don’t conceal the truth
We present real pictures about the positive and the negative
So don’t blame the hip-hop when your seed is learnin the real life from us
Do your duty at home and raise your child in the house
You don’t do your job we gonna put your children to bed at nine o’clock
Past your bedtime
You get your ass in bed you ain’t ‘posed to be hearin this shit
Word up
Punishment motherfuckers!
By the Punisher, and Busta Rhymes, hah
Terror Squad! Flipmode Squad niggaz!

Fast Money

I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice
Who can I trust? Cuban’ll bust plus ?good thief the night?
Here’s the plan (plan), we nab the man, bring a camcorder
Grab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughter
Nah chill, that’s too ill, for real I’d rather kill somethin
Here’s the deal, we shatter his grill, and drill fuck him
Oral torture, no doubt, the shit is holocaust
In two minutes tops he’s guaranteed to cap and give up all the morsels
It’s settled, blitt up, put on your metal, foot on the pedal
We got a half hour before the plan sours like Amaretto
Far from the ghetto, a rebel of chance, the devil in pants
Out for the fast cash, level advance
Takin a chance, I’ve only got one my hundred shot
tommy shotguns my judge jury and Johnny Cochran


Movin on the stash, first we get the cash
For the fast money, I smash a niggaz shit like a crash dummy
Ask money where the safe, anybody move gettin laced
Look at my face and I’ma shoot the place

Aiyyo the plot thickens, I’m pickin the locks in the back entrance
Payin attention, not tryin to get knocked and catch a fat sentence
Not to mention these kids is mafioso with lots of dough so
they got poco lock with the down to rock Morocco chokehold (oh oh)
Their security system’s linear laser protection
No sweat, I brought the miniature mirrors for reflectin
Inspectin the vault, for weapons assault, second of course
It’s poisonous rays, boiled and baked in epsom salt
Rep in New York is the cat burgalar, the fat murderer
Slippin the clip in the Mac, inserterer
Hurtin your pockets, droppin your stock to zero profit
Holding heroes hostage and mansions for ransom like DeNiro mob flicks
Back to the top again, hand the grand prize
The safe flies open, the shining was blinding my eyes
I cracked the code, enough ice to make you laugh at gold
Passed the dough to Cuban started movin for the back real slow
That’s when I heard the sirens hopin that my ears was lyin
Knew we was dyin when I saw the guard we tortured cryin
Pointing at the building screamin, “I can see them, kill em!”
Snipers was willing but couldn’t, there’s too many civilians
Still inside nowhere to hide nowhere to run
Cuban said, “Fuck it, we die, we die busting our guns”

Chorus 2X

Aiyyo it’s time to pay, and I ain’t trying to give my shine away
Let’s show these pigs how much we give a fuck about a brighter day
I cocked the Eagle, Cuban drew the Glock it was diesel
Said, “See you in Hell coppers” and started poppin like it was legal
We need a plan, if we can make it to the van
Missile launchers there with the grenade pistol I bought from Uncle Dan
Me and my man are runnin out of ammo, I got about a handful
of Black Rhino’s and two Rambles strapped to my ankles
I trampled over one of the bodies, I grabbed the steel
Threw the bitch over my shoulder and used her butt as a shield
I filled the clip with the little bit of bullets remaining
Cuban said, “Move your fat ass faster motherfucker they gaining”
I gave him the case, told him, “Go ahead save yourself
Blaze a L in my memory, tell the family I gave em Hell”
For real, that’s when I heard the tires screechin
Peeped and it was Joe the God with twenty Terror Squad niggaz reachin

You Came Up

[Noreaga] Yo what the deal baby
I see ya aight

[Big Pun] Still not a playa but you still a hata
Ha, Pun here where my horns at
Where my horns?
(Horns sounding)

Intro/Bridge: Big Punisher and Noreaga

Fa ye da da ya da da da da
Fa ye da da ya da da da

Chorus: Big Punisher and Noreaga

[Noreaga] Pun you came up
What what, makin it happen
From rappin on the corner of blocks we going platinum
But when we roll, are you still ready to ride
[Big Punisher] Yo I be ready to ride and I be ready to die

[Big Punisher] Ay yo my word is born long as I’m alive I’ma put it on
Could’a gone to gee shit, thug nigga till I’m gone
Where to Bronx I’m flippin, five boroughs thoroughly reppin’
Lets unite the city and step to the world as a weapon
Cuz everybody’s checkin for Pun second to none
Cuz Latins going platinum was destined to come
The inevitable, heavenly better than whatever you do
We eligible, TS’s incredibly credible
For the revenue we gettin you open with lyrical dope
And these breaths that are potent is like an injectional dose
[Big Pun and Noreaga] And it never quits
Take it from TS’s top terrorist
Rapper slash hijacker bombin’ tracks ever since
I was young, I wasn’t always Big Pun
It wasn’t always this fun, ay yo I rose from the slums
I had to pay my due, lay a few
But I ain’t sayin who, stayin’ true to da game
No names, playin’ it cool just me and da crew
Holdin’ it down long as we round
We gonna keep sockin’ it to you like Homey the Clown
Going down like Pac ready to ride or die nigga
La da le la la la la la

Chorus (2x)

[Big Punisher] Ay yo aint nothin’ changed I’m still the same
The way you remembered me since the centipede
Harder, big blacker back in the seventies
Try to remember me from my aggressive will
The way I kept it real is more important than any record deal
I used to chill on da block with Cuban and Seis
I still do but now it’s in the blue convertible eight…fifty
My true niggaz will always be wit me
The shifty kiss me, tell me they miss me, then try to dis me
Cuz I’m rispy crispy for life sixties the price
Another fifty for the Cuban twisted in ice
Niggaz is shiest but I sike em out
Though they like to doubt I make them all believers once I let the Tyson out
Cuz I can vouch for only a few only the crew
From the old school I consider loyally true
I’m morally rude from a fool to a scholar
Follow the rules on how to spot a plotta that’s cool for a dolla
I wanna holla at my peeps that reppin’ the streets
Wrestlin the beast of chest restin’ in peace
Blessin’ my seeds and watchin’ over us
Til I die I’ll align the souls of mine
And shine for all of us




Niggaz is flossin a lot, time to start extortin’ the plot
Just a portion of prod’ off the top for my Porsche and my yacht
Somethin for the cops to keep em blind, so we can crime
with piece of mind, turn the key and shine without bein down
Time to expand, New York to Chicago, Colorado
You know my motto, clock G’s and rock keys like Drago
Pablo Escobar and Dom Perignon
We’re buyin out the bar, with Don Juan, and every woman’s Shawn Dawn-ing
Long donging em down like Shawn Michael does and I’m like a psycho
fuckin suckin the butt like liposuction
Up and down with the tongue twister, c’mon on sister
Big Pun’s used to cock and squeeze like a gun tester
Crushin sister’s backs with the demon snap, hit you from the back
Close your eyes relax, let me feed the cat
Livin fat, true mack, niggaz was catchin feelings
Dealing with a smaller deck it just wasn’t as mass appealing
I started feeling funny, niggaz comin short with money
I called my Son he told me chill he’d be over with twenty
Punny what’s the deal, niggaz wanna kill me
He said it’s real, they jealous and tired of seein me Willie silly
Had more to claim, niggaz throwin shit in the game
Gave my wife some pictures with me and bitches runnin the train
It’s like a dream, I called my team and started flippin
Lock the clip in started liftin niggaz off the ground like a magician
I skipped town, be back around when things quiet down
I lost the war for now but it’ll take more to hold me down

“Top of the world ma! Ha ha, top of the world!”


Yo, this is the bad time – boomerang, bring it all back
Flashback, livin prosper’, eat well and get fat
I was Pop Dula, popular to the masses
I miss the E-Classes, rocking game with def glasses
Rock bottom struck and threw my world off it’s axis
Boomerang – plan to come back like Bronx rap
Storm like the Redcoats through anything in my path
First you shine like sterling, then you broke like Rick and Pearling

[Big Punisher] Now should I slit my wrists, go for it all or call it quits
Picture me taking my life, leaving my wife and my daughter shit
Wish I could slip back, and switch the memories
Lift the felonies from my record I respected my enemies
Live like the Kennedy’s, above the law, fuck em all
I’m coming for the rich thieving em even if I wasn’t poor
I seen it all like I said before
The streets are for men at war and the beasts are the predators
I shed it all first and beat a prob every source?
Of course, I bury any adversary tryin to floss
Just because, the reason I leave em lost in the sauce
Teein off like we up North just for bein soft
A beaten horse like a slave gettin minimum wage
Fillin the gauge, front page, these are the last days
Cash pays, and rules – the root of all evil
Shootin amigos for lootin perico pollutin our people
Movin kilos like it’s all good, through every ghetto
I ain’t judgin, but buggin how we floss so many levels
The devil’s got us by the balls, that’s why the law allows
the drugs to overflood, knowin we gonna buy it all
It’s time to call a world order where every girl’s your daughter
and priceless as ices and pearls fresh out the water
I’m gonna get mine, either from crime, or through the bible
Whichever way, you better pay, I’m feelin suicidal




[Big Punisher] Ready for war Joe, how you wanna blow they spot
I know these dirty cops that’ll get us in if we murder some wop
Hop in your Hummer, the Punisher’s ready; meet me at Vito’s
with Noodles, we’ll do this dude while he’s slurpin spaghetti
Everybody kiss the fuckin floor, Joey Crack, buck em all
If they move, Noodles shoot that f**kin whore
Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know
that we riddled some middlemen who didn’t do diddily

[Fat Joe] It’ll be a cold day in hell the day I’m taken out
Make no mistake for real I wouldn’t hesitate to kill
I’m still the Fat One that you love to hate, catch you at your mother’s wake
Smack you then I wack you with my snub trey-eight

[Big Punisher] I rub your face off the Earth and curse your family children
like Amityville and drill the nerves in your cavity fillin
Insanity’s building up pavilion in my civilian
The cannon be the anarchy that humanity’s dealing
A villain without remorse, who’s willing to out your boss
Forever and take all the cheddar like child support

[Fat Joe] I support Pun in anything he does, anything he loves
a brother from another mother sent from the above
A thug nigga just like me, one of the best — might be
Even better leavin niggaz kneelin on they right knee

[Big Punisher] Spike Lee couldn’t paint a better picture
You small change, I’m blowin out your brains gettin richer

[Fat Joe] Hit you with the Mac (Mac), smack your bitch, nigga what?
You gettin stuck, my trigger finger’s itchy as a fuck!

[Big Punisher] Truck jewels (jewels), cruisin in the Land, pumpin ‘Cash Rules’
Last crew to want it caught a hundred tryin to pass through

[Fat Joe] That’s true, so who the next to get it?
TS the best that did it (get it off your chest kid admit it)

Chorus: Pun, Joe

[Pun] And it’s
[Joe] Here, and you don’t stop!
[Pun] Twenty shot glock with the cop killer fill em to the top
[Joe] Yeah, and you don’t stop!
[Pun] Joey Crack’s the rock, and Big Pun keeps the guns cocked
[Joe] Yeah, and you don’t stop!
[Pun] We’ll make it hot nigga, what bring it I blow your whole spot
[Joe] Yeah, and you don’t stop!
[Pun] It’s still one-eight-seven on an undercover cop!

[Big Punisher] Fuck the po-lice, I squeeze first, make em eat dirt
Take em feet first through the morgue, then launch em in the T-bird
The street’s cursed, the first amendment’s culturally biased
Supposed to supply us with rights, tonight I hold my rosary
tight as I can, I’m one man against the world, just me and my girl
Black Pearl Latina mas fina who keeps it real
You know the deal, we steal from the rich and keep it
Peep it it’s no secret, watch me and Joe go back and forth and freak it

[Fat Joe] Creep with me, as I cruise in my Beamer
All the kids in the ghetto call me Don Cartagena
Kickin ass as I blast off heat, and
you never see me talk to police, so
you should know that I really don’t care
Pull you by the hair, slit your throat, and I’ll leave you right there
So beware it’s rare that niggaz want beef, Big Pun speak
and let these motherfuckers know how we run the streets

[Big Punisher] Fuck peace, I run the streets deep with no compassion, Puerto Ricans
known for slashin catchin niggaz while they sleepin, no relaxin
Keep your eyes open, sharp reflexes
Three tecses in the Jeep Lexus just in case police test us
Street professors, Terror Squad, ghetto scholars
Full-A-Clips mob, inflicts the fear of God when the metal hollers
Better acknowledge or get knocked down until I’m locked and shot down
Heather B couldn’t make me put my Glock Down

[Fat Joe] We lock towns like rounds in the chamber
Boogie Down major like Nine, I bust mine
everytime plus I’m the crime boss of New York
When we talk to walk the walk all my niggaz carry chalk
and stalk, I prey like The Predator, whoever want it
go and get it set it baby and I’ma bury ya
So remember the Squad that I’m reppin
I pull a clip for my weapon and Punish niggaz till it’s armageddon

Chorus 2X (to fade)

I’m Not a Player

I’m Not a Player

Yo, I ain’t a player, I just fuck alot
Jump on top of my dick and work them hips
Until I bust a shot

It doesn’t stop, I’m only beginning
I’m boning your women, while you home all alone
I’m going up in ’em

Sending them back to you, mad at you
Don’t catch a motha’ fuckin’ attitude, I’m just showing you
How this rapper do

Capital Punishment, when I’m up in there
Suckin’ it, bustin’ it out, nice blouse
Let me unbutton it

You fuckin’ wit King Papi Chulo
And knockin’ culo, poppin’ mooners out the socket
Tryin’ to ride wit the sumo

You know my rhymes is high
Word I be thrillin’ ’em bitch be tryin’ to ride
But the curb be killin’ ’em

Fillin’ ’em with the gas
My G’s premium unleaded, come get it, first work the tongue
Then let the Pun hit it

Split it in half
Watch the gatt, baby take a bath, be good, I might put away the wood
And give you the mustache

1 – I ain’t a player, I just fuck alot
I’m not a player, I just fuck alot
I ain’t a player, I just fuck alot
I’m not a player, I just fuck alot

I bang a stranger
In my torture chamber, feed the loca chocha pinga
While I force my finga whre my bolas lingah

I bring the pain like Method
When I flex I flip the coochie, Puerto Rican to the core
And no Boricuas eat the pussy

Excuse me for being blunt
But I been eating cunts, since pimps is pushing
Pink Caddies with the fish tank pumps

Bumpin’ and grindin’
Simultaneously want it, climbing up the walls
With my balls bangin’ off your hymen

I’m a diamond in the rough
Bustin’ in your face, taste the sweetness of my dick
Rip your fetus out of place, yo

Bitches already know the repertoore
Step in my car, lets start the menage-a-trois
Like Escobar

By far,I’m the best at all sex positions
Forget the kissin’, I’m skippin’ the tongue twistin’
See, that’s tradition

Repeat 1

Some chick in back of me
Bought me a daiquiri, told me meet her in back of Zachary’s
Cuz she heard I was packin’ meat

I bagged the freak
And hit the tele, got the phillies, lifted the belly
And put it in her mouth like Akinyele

Far from ugly
But they used to say I’m too chubby, but since the money
The honies got nuthin’ but love for me

So rub my tummy and make a wish
I’ll make you rich, take your kids to the flicks
Come back and fix your favorite dish

Crazy bitch
I ain’t with that, I’mma hit that, split back to the shack
Where my other chick’s at

Now can you dig that
I’m the Mack doin’ my thing, pulling your strings
Making you feel like you in a dream

It’s the king of the hip-hop quotables
Giving you multiples, just by the tone
Of my voice and the vocables

I notice you doin’ your thing
With your crew, is it aight if I come down there
And sing to you

Repeat 1



[Funkmaster Flex] Yeah baby, you know how we get down
Funkmaster Flex, number one station in the nation
My man Big Pun up in this piece

[Big Punisher] Big motherfuckin Pun in the house

[Funkmaster Flex] Pun easy, Pun..

[Big Punisher] C’mon now it’s me baby, from the Bronx, c’mon

[Funkmaster Flex] You right, you right, fuck it

[Big Punisher] Ahh, there we go

[Funkmaster Flex] So, I mean, since we on the, Pun man, I mean
I’ma be honest with you, I mean, y’know
I know we discussed a lot of things tonight

[Big Punisher] Tell me you remembered the joints right? Say it

[Funkmaster Flex] Pun I, I heard you are really, really fuckin
I mean..

[Big Punisher] Yeah! *both crack up laughing*
No doubt!

[Funkmaster Flex] I mean Pun, I mean, y’know I mean
I’m hearin, I’m hearin you
I’m hearin, I’m hearin you doin your thing

[Big Punisher] I’m tryin y’all
I’m tryin man y’know

[Funkmaster Flex] Ya ya CRUSHIN a lot?
I’m hearin ya, ya know those, those rumors

[Big Punisher] Get it off your chest, what you got to say?

[Funkmaster Flex] I’m hearin these rumors man, those rumors is..

[Big Punisher] A lot of pussy right?
*Flex cracks up*
Tell me the rumors, c’mon *Flex still laughing*
That we the best, what is it?
*Flex laughing* C’mon
Terror Squad got ten million dollar, uh, advance coming?
What is it?

[Funkmaster Flex] I’m I’m, I’m hearin I’m hearin the girls man
I mean, there’s a lot

[Big Punisher] The women they love me
They love me, they love me
Biggie gave me a couple of pointers yaknowhatI’msayin?
I gotta use that man, gotta use that, they love that
See you know a few pointers, yaknowhatI’msayin?
I’m sayin give it to me and tell me what Puff’s crew already knew
We’re utilizing that

[Funkmaster Flex] I’m I’m, I’m hearin you
I’m hearin the, aff aff, you know
That like, a few girls and hearin some more, some stories
of orgies with Terror Squad

[Big Punisher] We get, we get down
We run trizznain
Say trizznain

[Funkmaster Flex] Trizznain

[Big Punisher] Trizznain, we run trizznain

[Funkmaster Flex] Trizznain

[Big Punisher] Trizz Nathaniel to you

[Funkmaster Flex] I’m hearin, I mean, I’m I’m hearin
you and Joe are out at, y’know, out there fuckin

[Big Punisher] We do our thing
We we’re like, two fuckin wild bears, just
*Flex cracks up ‘Get out of here!’* .. in the woods, naked
It’s a sight, it’s a sight
*Flex crackin up*
Son you can’t look directly at our asses
You’d go blind *Flex crackin up*
But if you glimpse look y’know, you can catch us

[Funkmaster Flex] I can’t fuckin take it! *gasping for air*

[Big Punisher] Sent out to Tracy
*Flex laughing and howling*
Easy.. you have to run trizz with us one time
Then you’d know

[Funkmaster Flex] *in a high pitched voice*
I can’t fuck with you! Ohh shit!
Ohhhahaha, yo..

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment

[Big Pun] It’s mine, it’s all mine you understand? Just me and my peoples. Can you dig
that? 21st century, but I never see it. Bottom of the corner, baby. Ours
for the taking.

Verse one: Big Pun

Yo; I’ve seen child blastin a man, some with them are turning to murderers
Let us stray by the liars’ death clause, fires observing us
Watching us close, marking our toast ??? is purposely overtaxing the earnings
Nervous, burning down the churches
They’re scared of us rather beware than dare to trust
Throw us in jail, million dollar bail, left there to rust
Lets call in order, give ourselves a chance to enhance, broader
Advance where the minorities are the majority voter
Holding my own, I’m living alone in this cold world
My sister just bought a home without a loan, you know girl
She’s an exception, some people can leap to the impression
See, me, myself I start flippin and fall victim to deep depression
I’m stressing the issue here, so we can cross the fiscal year
Tired of getting fired and hired as a pistolier
There’s no longevity living off negativity
Fuck it, I’d rather sell reefer than do pizza delivery
That’s how the city be, everybody gettin they hustle on
Judge singin death penalty like its his favorite fucking song
Word is bond, taking my life you know they lovin it
Got off the government and its fuckin capital punishment

Chorus: Prospect

Capital punishment, given by the government
Systems they organized they get to you and who you running with
Can’t live alone, watch for the spots and tapped phones
Totin the K, yo, for life, the rifle heir to the throne
We came from kings in Queens, people with dreams
Gods and herbs, for what its worth
We gonna fit the Earth with infinite worth
First its turning tables, open our own labels
They say don’t vote the Republicans, then reverse capital punishment

Verse two: Big Pun

I’ve seen it all up close, shit without the movies you’d be buggin
My cousin Juju, barely a juve’ lost it and turned on the oven
He wasn’t playin, blew out the flame and started inhalin
Baring a secret too deep to keep on the streets for sharin
Wearing the virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Is dickin every thick premiscuous fish in the sea,
Listen to me, shit is rough in the ghetto, you bluff, blow your head off
Fuck a snuff, we bust lead off!
Get off your high horse, or die off like an extinction
Boricuans are like Mohicans, The Last of the Po-Ricans,
We need some unity for all the deep security
The maturity, keeps me six feet, above obscurity
The streets are deadly and everybody’s a desperado
I guess tomorrow aint promised unless you Amish and death’s your motto
Like Zorro, I mark my territory with a symbol
Not with a Z, but a P, cause punishment’s what I resemble!
I lend you this if it expands yours, for you and yours
A real man can’t fall, he stands tall
The Man’s claws are diggin in my back, I’m trying to hit him back
Time to counteract, where my niggaz at?


Verse three: Prospect

You like that, It’s Pun and Prospect
We hold nines, own more treasure than goldmines, making progress
With Don Juan’s, there’s rules to be made, crews to be sprayed
Dues to be payed, nothing y’all can do to behave
We laid in the slums, made a cake out of crumbs
Even though the government, trying to take out our sons
Rudy Giuliani trying to blind me, but I see reality
Was raised with this street mentality
My strategies wide, my battery never die
The ghetto kept me wise, so I would never fall to the lies
Its no surprise, but to or die if you want the glamour
Yeah, I want the glamour, laid up with cheese and trees in Atlanta
My Cubans smoked out like Ronald Isley with Havanas
The hammer hit em in the palm, never shaky, calm ‘halers
This renegade blow through barricades like grenades
I turn the sun to shade, then the night back to day
Like the twenty-four hour rotation
I know the location, its just a little in-fo-mation
Here come the Squad, bringing the Terror for the nine-era
And let it rain on your fine leather, nigga, what?

Glamour Life

Glamour Life


(Cuban Link) Glamour life style baby, bottle the rocks
Lose the ice, 100 mil kid, money, money, money, mo
Platinium status, yeah, what up, what up?
(Big Punisher) Stick around

(Cuban Link)
Yo, I plan to live a life a-glamour
Like my man Tony Montana
Stand and pose in front of cameras
With my golden silk pajamas on
Smoking havanas, drinking Dom P
Thinking beyond deeper than Ghandi, while I’m in the Diamante
Counting my G’s, I’m out to be a millionaire
Dipped in gear, flickin’ hundred dollar bills in the air
Oh yeah, Cuban Link is into getting benjamins
Cuz if doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense
I represent, I’m in to be the king of New York
Went from living in tenements to up in house resorts
I’m the latino, that’ll take you to war like Al Pacino
Even De Niro know not to gamble in my casino
Vino wanna rock, slaps, to dinners with mobsters
I got shit locked from Prospect Ave. to the tropics
Sitting on top of the world like the sun
A living legend from the Bronx, second to none, unless it’s Pun

(Big Punisher) Chorus:
It’s the glamour life, blow up the kids and the wife
Players who ain’t half as nice swear to, but they sacrifice
Bottle the rock, freeze the ice, stash the dope and rice
And get ready for the glamour life

(Triple Seis)
Ripped off from the Infiniti
Dump the body an’ the shottie down the lake, leaving no identity
Just the memory, a casualty as I casually make moves on my rivalries
All eyes I be, on the quest for loot
Pushing a Lexus coupe, to pursuit them troops, against the big-joker
Sipping alimoca, playing poker with some chocha
Heard an approacher, must be fam, but damn I had to smoke Pun
(Big Punisher: Get the motherfucking gun)
Since then I’ve become the one wanted for a lump sum of G’s
Dirty rats pack gats for cheese
Bullets of breeze at light speed
Taking your pretty wife life and sacrificing your seeds
Indeed, we let him bleed for 50 G’s
Ship his body to the states, filled with 50 keys
Please, no remorse for your two face
Inside a symbol, my rifle out the motherfucking suitcase
You about to take who’s place? Not Seis…
Your body’ll be laced, and left without a trace

(Big Punisher) The glamour life, the glamour life, yo
(Big Punisher) Chorus

(Fat Joe)
Yo, I’ts the motherfucking Don Cartagena
The leader, Terror Squad cleaner
Leave your family crying for you like Argentina, mira
Street dreamer like Nas, my entourage is thick
Camouflaging this bitch, so God forbid you start some shit
My squad’s equipped with an arsenal of ammunition
Hollow tips an’, cop killers with the
Accounts in Switzerland for rainy days
Nigga I’m staying paid, you’s a joke
Always broke with your lazy ways
Anyway, back to the subject, in the bub-Lex
In the back seat, having rough sex
I love this glamorous life I live, having the ice and shit
Think twice, I give Christ your kids
I live life for gifts, keep the fire burning while the tires turning
I blaze an L and seek a higher learning
Kaiser’s learnin’ everything illegally
We could de friend for years, cross me once that’s thievery

(Big Punisher) Chorus

Yo, the dough, the rap, the audience, party heavy till the 40’s in
Ill like the Yakuza run the Orient
Take all the rent, and no man wept the path his daughter went
Dicks with the fallopian, wide as auditoriums
She fuck for dough for opium, prostitute emporium
500 Benz, 500 friends sell Cambodian
8’s cup of vodka, 4 cups of juice for sodium
Money, money, sweet as the smell of magnolia
It’s get you down, but you spitting image of Appalonia
Now how can I go broke, pumping twenties of coke
Plus songs I wrote, milkin’ dumb honeys I poke
The young blood sat on the bench in Vant Courtland, slingin’
Singing how he trying to get cash for Jordans
Another cat toss his Beamer to get the insurance
Currency’s gonna murder me… It’s never enough
Breakin’ my ass gettin’ it, just as fast as I spend the stuff
Calling Uncle Sam’s bluff dun, taxes don’t bite us, bite us….

(Big Punisher) My life…my life…

(Big Punisher)
The glamour life, play precise, defense is tight
I’m out to settle the score, let’s do it right
Enough for looking at grave, It’s paying back tonight
Yo Twin pass the lye, pass the light
The glamour life, this life I live is trife as shit
Least my wife and kid got somewhere nice to live
I used to live in the gutter, me and my mother
Now she’s fifty years old, pushing a hummer
The glamour life, hand me a knife I’ll slice and dice
Mini-mize, send them to Christ in the after life
Pass the mic down the line, let them hear it
Let them fear it, send it screaming to the Holy Spirit

Glamour life, the glamour life, the glamour life
It’s the glamour life, yo it’s the glamour, it’s the glamour life
Glamour life, glamour life, glamour life
Cock the hammer, in this motherfucking life, bitch

Caribbean Connection

Caribbean Connection

[Wyclef] Warning!

[Big Pun] Yo, wanna rumble with Pun hah?
(loud farting noise) Shit on the whole industry
Yo who puff more Owls than Pun? Pile on more styles than Pun?
Who the only one with over a thousand guns?
Runnin up in niggaz cribs like I paid the bill
Make you squeal the combination to the safe for wealth
I lace your grill with the firestarter
Hit your wife with the sawed-off from the shower powers I devour
I’m all about the fundamentals, like Pun and pencil
A piece of paper, a decent caper and someone to strafe you
My mental’s compatible with the radicals
My odyssey type, qualities allow me to poli’ with animals
Niggaz is cannibals and the ghetto’s a jungle
where you either bet all your bundles or struggle on the simple and humble
My niggaz’ll rumble with any man for a Benny Fran
Try to imagine what they can sacrifice for twenty grand
Niggaz’ll slice you and dice you into a thousand pieces
and pound out we jettin to the ground Uptown
up in the Boogie Down, bitches swallow the team, pile on the green
Surrounded in green like flowers in Spring
For now I’m a King, so it’s more than money, all the honies
used to call me Punny cause my fam was always hungry
But now we rollin lovely, and you feel worse, want my money
Let your steel burst, cause I’d rather see you in hell first

Chorus: Wyclef and Pun

(Wyclef singing) mucho trabajo, poquito dinero
[Pun] I’m selling perico
[Clef] Yo what’s the dilly yo?
[Pun] I’m Uptown making moves just like Castro
(repeat all 2X)

[Wyclef Jean] Yo, yo, yo keep the lights keep the camera all I want is the action
The battle’s on, where I roam in composition
A hardcore crowd, waitin to see, if I break
like your first time in jail when you got fucked by an inmate
It’ll never happen, I’m on balance like a Libra
And if I get murdered, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
Pour me a cup of vodka, bury me next to my father
In three days, I rise like Christ and still sober
Now my eyes open, in my hands I got the Gatling
I’m looking for the guy that sent me to say hi to Satan
Fists of fury, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry
I turn Mr. Rogers Neighborhood topsy turvy
Foes and enemies meaning the same in the dictionary
This ain’t Pictionary, all you see is the cemetery
Bodies, from World War I and II is there
You don’t want a third war, that’s nuclear warfare
So Big Pun, count the stacks, make it fast
Illegal money turns legal now we runnin a laundromat
Your hunchbacked and wack rap is packed in your backpack
Your better off in D.C. with the mayor smoking crack
Yo, this ain’t a diss, Wyclef bomb threat
Run out of the building or get blast in your Guess
Tec for Tec, or we can go text for text, oh
I forgot, you don’t read, so take this hole in your chest – blaow
Hide the blood, give you the gun, run and hide
So when the DT shows up, he thought it was a suicide
Suicide it’s a suicide…

Chorus (fades out)